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Sangerfest 2020

Sangerfest 2020 will be held in Madison, Wisconsin, June 18-20, 2020.   

Stay tuned for updates.  


Sanger-Hilsen May-June 2019

SangerHilsen May June 2019 (1)

Sanger-Hilsen March-April 2019

SangerHilsen Mar Apr 2019

Sanger-Hilsen January-February 2019

SangerHilsen Jan Feb 2019


The princess looked forth from her maiden bower.
The Lur of a herd-boy rang up from below.
“Oh, cease from thy playing and haunt me no more,
nor fetter my fancy that freely would soar,
when the sun goes down.”

The princess looked forth from her maiden bower
but mute was the Lur that had called from below.
“Oh, why art thou silent? Beguile me once more.
Give wings to my fancy that freely would soar,
when the sun goes down.”

The princess looked forth from her maiden bower.
The call of the Lur rose again from below.
She wept in the twilight and bitterly sighed,
“What is it I long for? God help me!” she cried
and the sun went down.

Sanger-Hilsen November-December 2018

SangerHilsen Nov Dec 2018

Sanger-Hilsen September-October 2018

Sanger Hilsen Sept October 2018

Sanger-Hilsen, July-August 2018

Sanger Hilsen July August 2018

Sanger-Hilsen, May-June 2018

Sanger Hilsen May-June 2018

Sanger-Hilsen March-April 2018

Sanger Hilsen Mar-Apr 2018

Photos from Sangerfest 2018

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Sanger-Hilsen, January-February 2018

Sanger Hilsen Jan-Feb 2018 (1)

Sanger-Hilsen, November-December 2017

Sanger Hilsen Nov-Dec 2017

Sanger-Hilsen September-October 2017

Sanger Hilsen Sept-Oct 2017

Sanger-Hilsen July-August 2017

July August 2017 SangerHilsen

Sanger-Hilsen May – June, 2017

May June 2017 SangerHilsen

Sanger-Hilsen March-April 2017

Mar-Apr 2017 SangerHilsen

Sangerfest 2018

logo 2018

Sangerfest 2018 was held May 31-June 2, 2018, in Decorah, Iowa

Thanks to all the members of the Luren Singing Society for a wonderful Sangerfest.
There were many chances to connect with friends, learn more about our Norwegian heritage, and create some beautiful music together.  Mange Tusen Takk.



The Norwegian American Museum (Vesterheim) was featured during Sangerfest

Tours & Activities available during Sangerfest 2018           Sangerfest Vendors


Sanger-Hilsen January-February 2017

SangerHilsen Jan-Feb 2017

Sanger-Hilsen November-December 2016

Sanger Hilsen Nov-Dec 2016

Sanger-Hilsen September-October 2016

Sept-Oct 2016 SangerHilsen all pages (1)

Sanger Hilsen July-August 2016

Sanger Hilsen July-August-2016

Sanger Hilsen May-June 2016

Sanger Hilsen May-June 2016

Sangerfest 2018

Sangerfest 2020 preparation is well underway!

Start planning to attend Sangerfest 2020 in Madison, Wisconsin, June 18-20, 2020. 

See you there.

Sanger Hilsen March-April 2016

Sanger Hilsen Mar-Apr 2016