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Nigerian Christmas Song
Wendell Whalum 

We are glad that we have a Father to trust.
We are glad that we have a Father to rely upon.
Where was Jesus born? Where was He born?
Bethlehem, the city of wonder.  That is where the Father was born for sure.
Praise, praise be to Him.  We thank Thee, we thank Thee,
We thank Thee for this day, Gracious Father.
Praise, praise, praise be to Thee, Merciful Father.

Stå opp, Guds menighet

Stand up, God’s People

Deanna Wehrspann (for the 2016 Sangerfest)
J.O. Wallin (Swedish,1819)
M.B. Landstad (Norwegian, 1856)
D Wehrspann (English, 2015)

Stand up, God’s people, with delight!  Let sound of trumpets now excite!
Give God in heav’n all honor!  Break out and sing, O Jesus’ bride:
God does my spirit joy provide,  My soul is God’s extoler.
See, all my grief is worn away,  The Lord has done great things today,
God’s might I know lasts ever.  God gives a fatherly embrace,
His law and name the world encase  Until our last endeavor.

En Sangers Bøn — A Singer’s Prayer

Music: Lord of Spirits, Friedrich August Reissiger (1809-1883)
Lyrics: Norwegian Poet Johan Sebastian Welhaven, in En Digtsamling, 1859 (1807-1873)
Translation: Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen

Lord of Spirits, You shall reign
O’er the treasures you gave me.
Also show me your mercy
When my song has ceased to be
Since my heart beats harder
In indescribable thoughts
About the great mystery of life.

Let my singer’s laurel be tossed
On the coast of oblivion into dust
When only there, where all’s revived,
The depth of the soul’s pure voice,
When only there I join in
The great ode is sung before the throne
With the harps of Heaven.

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Sangerfest 2016

20151015_170945  Sangerfest 2016 was held June 9-11, 2016, in Sioux Falls, SD.

Thanks to all members of the Sioux Valley Singers
for making this Sangerfest so successful.

Sangerfest 2016 Schedule          Sangerfest 2016 Grand Concert Program

For additional information click here for the Minnehaha Mandskor website

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Det går et fesstog gjennom landet

There is a festive parade going throughout the country
(A free translation by Don Berg)

1. There is a festive parade going throughout the country!
In city and valley, by mountains and fjords.
We wave the flag proudly for Norway,
with cries of hurrah from south to north.
We are marching and we are singing songs in red, white, and blue.
We feel the rhythm of freedom in the body, filled with joy for our country.

2. That great day we will celebrate.
Now the melody of thanks is heard,
which soars rhythmically up from the people,
From us who desire a democracy.

3. Seventeenth of May.  Now spring rejoices!
The nation decorates itself for the fest.
Walk together!  Cherish forth the values so that all may prosper.
Then we have it best.

4. There is a festive parade through time
where generations have set down deep roots.
By their own choice, they gave us a future.
See, our roots sprout and grow.

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Den store hvide Flok

The Great White Flock
Norwegian folk tune, 17th century
Arranged by Edvard Grieg

The great white flock we see
Like thousands of mountains full of snow
with forests around of swinging palm trees
before the throne.  Who are they?

They are the host of heroes,
Who from the great tribulation came
And who have washed themselves
In the Lamb’s blood for heaven’s holiness.

They keep on church-going,
With unceasing song of jubilation
In the high choir where God dwells
In the midst of all the angels’ song.

Jubilate, Amen

Halfdan Kjerulf

Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing
o’er the waters soft and clear;
nearer yet and nearer pealing
and now bursts upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!
Farther now, now farther stealing
soft it fades upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!

Now like moonlight waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along;
now like angry surges meeting
breaks the mingled tide of song:
Jubilate amen!
Hush! again, like waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along:
Jubilate amen!

Hil Dig, Norge

Hail to Thee, Norway
Peer Sivle

Hail to Thee, Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.
They glory is ours, thy justice is ours today.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.
Honored, Thou shall be seated in the people’s council.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.

Ut mot havet

Out to the Sea
Edvard Fliflet Braein

She stands there on shore, now lifts her hand,
and waves and smiles as I go out.
And my boat sails along the beach,
and she stands alone with sadness and longing.

I know that I have longings in my heart
but the boat pulls me away, so I must leave.
For now that I head toward rocks and islets
my thoughts are of home and the one I love.

I sure can have my sad moments
in loneliness here on an endless sea,
but the days go by, yes they are like a miracle,
when my wandering thoughts go to my dear.

If the days are gray and the nights are black,
I am here and humming a song in my heart,
to her at home my thoughts are drawn
to the one who smiles the day I return.

(translated by David Judisch and Kari Grønningsæter)