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Sanger-Hilsen September-October 2017

Sanger Hilsen Sept-Oct 2017

Sanger-Hilsen July-August 2017

July August 2017 SangerHilsen

Sanger-Hilsen May – June, 2017

May June 2017 SangerHilsen

Sanger-Hilsen March-April 2017

Mar-Apr 2017 SangerHilsen

Sangerfest 2018

logo 2018

Sangerfest 2018 was held May 31-June 2, 2018, in Decorah, Iowa

Thanks to all the members of the Luren Singing Society for a wonderful Sangerfest.
There were many chances to connect with friends, learn more about our Norwegian heritage, and create some beautiful music together.  Mange Tusen Takk.



The Norwegian American Museum (Vesterheim) was featured during Sangerfest

Tours & Activities available during Sangerfest 2018           Sangerfest Vendors


Sanger-Hilsen January-February 2017

SangerHilsen Jan-Feb 2017

Sanger-Hilsen November-December 2016

Sanger Hilsen Nov-Dec 2016

Sanger-Hilsen September-October 2016

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Sanger Hilsen July-August 2016

Sanger Hilsen July-August-2016

Sanger Hilsen May-June 2016

Sanger Hilsen May-June 2016

Sangerfest 2020 was postponed

Sangerfest 2020 was postponed and planning is underway for Sangerfest 2022!  Stay tuned.  

The NSAA Board of Directors and the Edvard Grieg Chorus in Madison had to postpone Sangerfest 2020 as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, but we are excited to announce the new dates for 2022.  The NSAA Directors are moving forward with a new schedule for Sangerfest 2022.   More information will be posted as it is finalized.  

The NSAA urges everyone to abide by the rules that our Local, State, and Federal health organizations are recommending.

Stay safe and healthy.

Sangerfest Grand Concert 2010

Sangerfest Grand Concert 2010 in Madison


Sanger Hilsen March-April 2016

Sanger Hilsen Mar-Apr 2016

Sanger Hilsen Jan-Feb 2016


Ved Rondane

Memories of Childhood
Edvard Grieg, Arr. Ed Kramer

Once more the crags and dales of childhood greeting,
I see them as I saw them long ago.
The same cool wind upon my brow is beating,
The golden sun still shines upon the snow.
A tender voice within me keeps repeating,
Such happy memories that I pensive grow.
My heart with sweetest childhood fancies filling,
I scarce can breathe, its raptures are so thrilling.



Sjöberg-Balogh, E.G Geijer
English text by Helen Kaminski
Choral Transciption by Alberto Bimboni

Dark are the sorrows that come by night,
Dreams seek for music to bring release.
Day dawns with sorrow, with sorrow that dims its light.
Day seeks for music, for song bringing peace.

Song brings a promise of sweet content.
Hope brightens the sad heart while tones ring with mirth.
Song brings a vision, a vision that’s heaven sent.
Love sings in rapture as life thrills the earth.

Siste Reis

The Sailor’s Last Voyage
Eyvind Alnes, Text by Henrik Wergeland

This voyage is the last for me, Sing,sailor, oh!
Next port of call shall heaven be, Sing, sailor, oh!
The last bell soon the air will rend, Sing, sailor, oh!
My compass I must closely tend, Sing, sailor, oh!
Like gold and diamonds all around, Sing, sailor, oh!
The heaven sea with isles abound, Sing, sailor, oh!
They are the stars so small and clear, Sing, sailor, oh!
At which, as night-watch you would peer, Sing, sailor, oh!
Take courage then and risk defy, Sing, sailor, oh!
While sailing up thru azure sky, Sing, sailor, oh!
Fear not the Devil’s fierce corsairs, Sing, sailor, oh!
No danger of his wily snares, Sing, sailor, oh!
You’ll meet your wife you’ll meet your friends, Sing, sailor, oh!
Your children you will meet again, Sing, sailor, oh!
then there will be much greater glee, Sing, sailor, oh!
Than here when you came home from sea, Sing, sailor, oh!


Norwegian Folksong,
Arr. Frederick Wick

Far in the distance by mountains of blue, there lies a place I hold dear.
There in my thoughts and my dreams I will go; always you seem to be near.
Nid River, peaceful and lovely you are, here where I go a dreaming.
Dreaming of him who was dear to my heart; now is it only memories.
The old town bridge is our portal of bliss; together we sail under the stars’ corral.
Nid River, still and beautiful you are, here where I go and dream.

Herefter vil jeg følge

George J. Webb

Hereafter I will follow the little faithful flock.
Let worlds storms and billows turn against me,
I fear not battle because Jesus is with me.
He is my Helper when the storm becomes severe.

Far past the deep water, I must now struggle on.
I see the bright colored land, where freedom triumph stands.
The fearful places I am free from for awhile,
And cast my anchor for blessedness sake.

En Sangers Bøn

The Singer’s Prayer
F.A. Reissiger, Arranged by Knute Hansen

Lord of souls, I grant Thy power over gifts bestowed on me.
Show Thy mercy in the hour when my song shall cease to be.
For my heart is throbbing ever, untold thoughts are resting never,
While life’s riddle great I ponder.

Take away the singers garland, fling it to oblivion’s shore.
If but in that vernal far land, Thou my voice improved restore.
If but there, Thy throne before us, I may join the lofty chorus,
Swelling to the harps of heaven.


Nigerian Christmas Song
Wendell Whalum 

We are glad that we have a Father to trust.
We are glad that we have a Father to rely upon.
Where was Jesus born? Where was He born?
Bethlehem, the city of wonder.  That is where the Father was born for sure.
Praise, praise be to Him.  We thank Thee, we thank Thee,
We thank Thee for this day, Gracious Father.
Praise, praise, praise be to Thee, Merciful Father.

Stå opp, Guds menighet

Stand up, God’s People

Deanna Wehrspann (for the 2016 Sangerfest)
J.O. Wallin (Swedish,1819)
M.B. Landstad (Norwegian, 1856)
D Wehrspann (English, 2015)

Stand up, God’s people, with delight!  Let sound of trumpets now excite!
Give God in heav’n all honor!  Break out and sing, O Jesus’ bride:
God does my spirit joy provide,  My soul is God’s extoler.
See, all my grief is worn away,  The Lord has done great things today,
God’s might I know lasts ever.  God gives a fatherly embrace,
His law and name the world encase  Until our last endeavor.

En Sangers Bøn — A Singer’s Prayer

Music: Lord of Spirits, Friedrich August Reissiger (1809-1883)
Lyrics: Norwegian Poet Johan Sebastian Welhaven, in En Digtsamling, 1859 (1807-1873)
Translation: Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen

Lord of Spirits, You shall reign
O’er the treasures you gave me.
Also show me your mercy
When my song has ceased to be
Since my heart beats harder
In indescribable thoughts
About the great mystery of life.

Let my singer’s laurel be tossed
On the coast of oblivion into dust
When only there, where all’s revived,
The depth of the soul’s pure voice,
When only there I join in
The great ode is sung before the throne
With the harps of Heaven.

November-December 2015


September/October 2015

SangerHilsen Sept-Oct 2015

July-August 2015

SangerHilsen July-Aug 2015