arr. Edvard Grieg

(This might be described as a child’s fun song. Låt can mean “(noisy), fun, gaiety”.
Imagine a child at bedtime with dad providing sound effects to this song.)

Brumbraskön i Bumba, Brumbraskön i Bumba.
(Refers to a bear growling.)
Katten slaer uppå Trumma,
The cat is beating on the drum
o firö Mysa dei gå i Dans,
and four mice are dancing
so heilö Jore ho dundra.
so the whole earth trembles.

Katta, Katta, Katta.

Katta sat uppå Take,
The cat was sitting up on the roof,
Tala te sine Dötta,
talking to its daughters,
Kor sko me o Veten vera,
“If we should become wet,
me frjösö på vore Föta
we’ll freeze on our feet.”

Rejsö, rejsö, rejsö, rejsö.

Me sko rejsö te Danemark
“We shall travel to Denmark
o kjöpö Sko för ei heilö Mark,
and buy shoes for a while mark.”
Trine, trine, trine, trine Pepar o Ködn.
Step, step, step.
(The last line defies translation.
It may refer to “going to bed”)

(Translation by Donald Berg)