Sangerfest 2022 Update

A very successful Sangerfest 2022 

was held June 16-18 in Madison, Wisconsin

Thanks to the Edvard Grieg Chorus for hosting this year’s Sangerfest.

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Highlights of Sangerfest 2022 by President Paul Larson…

Life events last only moments, but fond memories last forever.

The anticipation of Sangerfest 2022 has been ever-present since the last Sangerfest in Decorah in 2018. But it finally arrived, and seemingly passed in mere moments. Considering the toll that time, age and passing of men has taken on our membership, we had a very respectable and enthusiastic group of men, spouses, and companions, and by all measures a successful Sangerfest.

…  And of course, the highlight of Sangerfest 2022 was the Grand Concert. It’s a thrill and honor to sing under the directorship of our talented musical directors. And the special guest artists, the Middleton Community Orchestra, soloist Brian Leeper, and pianist Jessica Paul, were superb.

A special thanks goes out to the Edvard Grieg Chorus of Dane County, their committee chairs committee members and helpers who made Sangerfest 2022 a success.

…  Sangerfest 2022 was but a fleeting moment, but one we’ll treasure in our memories.

For Paul’s full statement, Click here.

Veterans Chorus

If you are 60 years old or more and have participated in 5 or more Sangerfests, you are eligible to sing with the Veterans Chorus at the next Sangerfest.  We hope you will consider this honor and choose to sing the two numbers with this distinguished group. If you have questions, contact your chorus director or Veterans Chorus Director, Mark Everson.