Sigurd Skavlan
Music by Edvard Grieg

Let us raise the Welcome Song, Brothers, toward the joyous parade.
Let us display high on the banner the harp in its own tongue.
Light a foot, cheerful in mind, Traveling Singers, come in, come in!

Sing together, fellow singers, in a united richness of tones.
Before scattering in your return journey, we will blend soul to soul.
Therefore to our Music Fest, Fellow singers, a most hearty Welcome!

(Loose Translation by Don Berg)

Ja, Vi Elsker Detter Landet

R. Nordraak
(The National Anthem of Norway)

Yes, we love this land of ours
As with mountain domes
Storm lashe’d o’er the sea it towers
With the thousand homes.
Love it dearly, ever thinking
Of our father’s strife
And the land of Saga sinking,
Dreams upon our life,
And the land of Saga sinking,
Sinking dreams upon our life.

(Translation by O.O. Lien)


C.H. Rinck

Sunset warm and glowing smiles and sounds all cease
Nature is bestowing silent, holy peace.

But the brooklet’s billow murmur on and on;
There ‘mong break and willow, day is never done.

Evening never bringeth, less’ning in its pace.
Curfew never ringeth ending in its race.

So my heart is beating in unending love
Until, death defeating, I find peace above.

(English by Siver Serumgard)

(an alternate translation)

Evening sun smiles on the earth below
And nature rest silent in holy peace.

Only the brook’s waves ripple gently
Through the field and woods forward it throws itself.

No evening brings standstill to its flow
No bells ring it to quiet and peace.

So my heart stops in its love,
Until I one day sleep in an eternal peace.

(Translation by Harold Svanoe)

Bådn Låt

arr. Edvard Grieg

(This might be described as a child’s fun song. Låt can mean “(noisy), fun, gaiety”.
Imagine a child at bedtime with dad providing sound effects to this song.)

Brumbraskön i Bumba, Brumbraskön i Bumba.
(Refers to a bear growling.)
Katten slaer uppå Trumma,
The cat is beating on the drum
o firö Mysa dei gå i Dans,
and four mice are dancing
so heilö Jore ho dundra.
so the whole earth trembles.

Katta, Katta, Katta.

Katta sat uppå Take,
The cat was sitting up on the roof,
Tala te sine Dötta,
talking to its daughters,
Kor sko me o Veten vera,
“If we should become wet,
me frjösö på vore Föta
we’ll freeze on our feet.”

Rejsö, rejsö, rejsö, rejsö.

Me sko rejsö te Danemark
“We shall travel to Denmark
o kjöpö Sko för ei heilö Mark,
and buy shoes for a while mark.”
Trine, trine, trine, trine Pepar o Ködn.
Step, step, step.
(The last line defies translation.
It may refer to “going to bed”)

(Translation by Donald Berg)


Nigerian Christmas Song
Wendell Whalum 

We are glad that we have a Father to trust.
We are glad that we have a Father to rely upon.
Where was Jesus born? Where was He born?
Bethlehem, the city of wonder.  That is where the Father was born for sure.
Praise, praise be to Him.  We thank Thee, we thank Thee,
We thank Thee for this day, Gracious Father.
Praise, praise, praise be to Thee, Merciful Father.

Danmarks Have

Denmark’s Garden
Oskar Gyldmark

1. Now hangs high above Denmark’s garden, like a bell hidden in the plain dawn,
the bell-like larks and blissfully chimes the early choir beneath a golden cloud.
With singing it blesses the hours of the day that they may proceed with singing anew.

4. But, you who hear on Denmark’s garden your burden of despondency with bowed back,
bathe yourself in the morning’s clear water when the marsh sprite has finished its brewing,
its beautiful clarity frees your forehead; with singing it blesses you well and safe.

Den store hvide Flok

The Great White Flock
Norwegian folk tune, 17th century
Arranged by Edvard Grieg

The great white flock we see
Like thousands of mountains full of snow
with forests around of swinging palm trees
before the throne.  Who are they?

They are the host of heroes,
Who from the great tribulation came
And who have washed themselves
In the Lamb’s blood for heaven’s holiness.

They keep on church-going,
With unceasing song of jubilation
In the high choir where God dwells
In the midst of all the angels’ song.

Det går et fesstog gjennom landet

There is a festive parade going throughout the country
(A free translation by Don Berg)

1. There is a festive parade going throughout the country!
In city and valley, by mountains and fjords.
We wave the flag proudly for Norway,
with cries of hurrah from south to north.
We are marching and we are singing songs in red, white, and blue.
We feel the rhythm of freedom in the body, filled with joy for our country.

2. That great day we will celebrate.
Now the melody of thanks is heard,
which soars rhythmically up from the people,
From us who desire a democracy.

3. Seventeenth of May.  Now spring rejoices!
The nation decorates itself for the fest.
Walk together!  Cherish forth the values so that all may prosper.
Then we have it best.

4. There is a festive parade through time
where generations have set down deep roots.
By their own choice, they gave us a future.
See, our roots sprout and grow.

En Sangers Bøn

The Singer’s Prayer
F.A. Reissiger, Arranged by Knute Hansen

Lord of souls, I grant Thy power over gifts bestowed on me.
Show Thy mercy in the hour when my song shall cease to be.
For my heart is throbbing ever, untold thoughts are resting never,
While life’s riddle great I ponder.

Take away the singers garland, fling it to oblivion’s shore.
If but in that vernal far land, Thou my voice improved restore.
If but there, Thy throne before us, I may join the lofty chorus,
Swelling to the harps of heaven.

En Sangers Bøn — A Singer’s Prayer

Music: Lord of Spirits, Friedrich August Reissiger (1809-1883)
Lyrics: Norwegian Poet Johan Sebastian Welhaven, in En Digtsamling, 1859 (1807-1873)
Translation: Dr. Alf Lunder Knudsen

Lord of Spirits, You shall reign
O’er the treasures you gave me.
Also show me your mercy
When my song has ceased to be
Since my heart beats harder
In indescribable thoughts
About the great mystery of life.

Let my singer’s laurel be tossed
On the coast of oblivion into dust
When only there, where all’s revived,
The depth of the soul’s pure voice,
When only there I join in
The great ode is sung before the throne
With the harps of Heaven.

Endu et Streif kun

Even Now only a Glimpse
Agathe Backer-Grøndahl

Even now only a glimpse from the sun, even now only a breeze from the sea,
Even now only a smile from my beloved, come, therefore, death.
Even now a glance from my friend,
Even now a squeeze of his hand, even now a sound of the familiar footstep!
Come, therefore, come thou better land! Even now an inward prayer to Christ
that He will guide me while I am wandering up toward that golden path.
Come, therefore, come! Eternity.

Fader i himlen

Father in Heaven
Bengt Eriksson

1. Father in Heaven, Thee will I praise.
Father in Heaven, Thy Name will I praise.

2. Father in Heaven, Thee will I glorify.
Father in Heaven, Thy Name will I glorify.
Thou art almighty. Yes, (Thou) are everything.
Thou art the highest, Thou who created our world.

3. Father in Heaven, Thee will I honor.
Father in Heaven, Thy Name will I honor.
Thou Thyself art Love, Yes (Thou) art Peace.
Thanks for Thy salvation, as for all Thou givest.


Ole Olson

Unfold yourself, our old emblem, eternally young Singers Flag!
Make the weak wills strong, Whenever you are raised for our cause!
Train us strictly like the oak’s branch (to) endure with courageous chest.
Strengthen us, strengthen us, strengthen us,
that we may never lose Hope’s joyful songbird voice.

Lift high, then, our singers’ banner! Array around it a guard of youth!
Let it shine upon our path, always cheerful and undismayed.
To the far-off (its) red cloth shall bring a message like (the) fire of a beacon.
Bring a message, bring a message,
that the young generation will protect freedom, king, (and) fatherland
Unfold yourself, our old emblem. Unfold yourself.

Gamle Norig

Old Norway
David Monrad Johnasen

Old Norway, northernmost in neighborhoods, is our ancestral land.
There are seas which totally as one play around the long shoreline.
There are bays and peninsulas and islands, thousands of fjords and thousands of mountains,
snowy where the snow rarely melts, valleys where the enormous waterfalls fall.

Nasty indeed are the long winters, yet green our spruce forests stand,
and when the foliage on the hills shoots forth, beautiful colors reach our neighborhood.
Great days and short nights pass gently around the bright earth; coast and fjord and mountains
and mountain farms bask in sunlight from south and north.

The children of those who built the land are still on the foundations;
the farms stand on old locales built and repaired as the farmer desires.
Accustomed to difficulty more than to affectionateness, the sound-song plays on land and sea.
May they be granted (to) sing with dignity and to enjoy steadfastness on a foundation in safety and peace.

Old Norway, northernmost in neighborhoods, is our very own ancestral land.
Old Norway, northernmost in neighborhoods, is our very own ancestral land.

Gamle Norig

Ivar Aasen

Old Norway is our own ancestral land.
There are seas that totally surround the shoreline
There are bays, peninsulas, islands, thousands of fjords,
Mountains, where the snow rarely melts, and
Valleys, where the enormous waterfalls fall.

Hard are the long winters, yet green our spruce forests stand.
Where the foliage on the hills shoots forth,
Beautiful colors reach our neighborhood.
Great days and short nights pass gently around the bright earth,
Coast and fjord, and mountain farms bask in sunlight from south to north.

The children of those who built the land are still on the foundations,
The farms stand on old locales built and repaired as the farmer desires.
Accustomed to hardship more than to playfulness,
The people’s song plays on land and sea.
May the people sit with dignity and enjoy safety and peace.
Old Norway is our own ancestral land.

(Translations from “Sangerfest Program”)

Gud signe Norigs land

Oscar Borg

God Bless our native land,
Each vale and Mountain grand.
Each fell and fjord, each fell and fjord,
He let it ever stand,
Protect it with His Hand,
Protect each maid and man,
Forevermore, forevermore.

It is our dearest lot,
It is our dearest thought,
Our trust and thrift.
Great men they were and brave,
Who unto us it gave
A home for us to have,
A freedom gift.

(English by Torgeir Edland)


Hey! You darting sea-gull, Oh hey! Let me accompany you.
Carry me on white wings over your sea-blue way.
Carry me out there where (the) floor is chest-wide blue waves
(and the) ceiling is the high sky, the arch there above.
Carry me out there where the sea’s high-minded,
proud song goes through the emptiness of the cathedral’s dome like (the) sound of a single tone.
There I will ride the billows (and) sail on the shiny sea, splashed by the very salty sea spray (and) die out
there alone. Oh hey, you darting sea-gull, oh hey, oh hey!
Let me accompany you. Carry me on white wings over your sea-blue way.
Carry me out there on the sea! In ocean spray!

Herefter vil jeg følge

George J. Webb

Hereafter I will follow the little faithful flock.
Let worlds storms and billows turn against me,
I fear not battle because Jesus is with me.
He is my Helper when the storm becomes severe.

Far past the deep water, I must now struggle on.
I see the bright colored land, where freedom triumph stands.
The fearful places I am free from for awhile,
And cast my anchor for blessedness sake.

Hil Dig, Norge

Hail to Thee, Norway
Peer Sivle

Hail to Thee, Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.
They glory is ours, thy justice is ours today.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.
Honored, Thou shall be seated in the people’s council.
Hail to Thee Norway!  Norway, our father’s land.

I Guds Fri Natur

In God’s Outdoors
F. A. Reissiger

Here, yes here (it) is good to be; Here we (can) take it easy,
And sing to the Creator’s glory; Glorified, praised shall He be;
A mighty song our ability, our ability shall bear,
A mighty song our ability, our ability shall bear

Up to Heaven’s home, to Heaven’s home, to Heaven’s home.
Look! The rich handiwork of the Creator around us all
Bears witness that God is mighty, His power we softly beseech.

Our song with the forest’s mild rustling, with the bird’s song and the waterfall’s roar
We join in mighty chorus, And sing loudly; Our God is great.

I Midnattsolen

Sture Odd Woldoen & Alf Wold

Out there stands a fiery-red flame wheel,
Flames on the ocean toward land.
It teems with birds from their hiding places in the cliffs,
And beneath, the ocean keeps moving alongside the shore.
It sighs in their wings; now they sink slowly;
Behold, the birds on the cliff like snow.
Midnight Sun, Midnight Sun. The bird-mountain sleeps,
A vision. Midnight Sun.

Here I will bow my knee before the Lord,
And thank Him for eternal light.
And if I were like a bird, I would fly away from the place,
Out over the intensely golden ocean
Toward the reddening sun, which ascends again from it,
In the space filled by God’s peace.
Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun.

(Translation by Donald Berg)

Ja, Vi Elsker Detter Landet

Yes, We Love This Land
Rikard Nordraak
(The National Anthem of Norway)

Yes, we love this land as it wins renown,
weathered over the water with the thousand homes.
(We) love, (we) love it and think of our father and mother
and the saga-night that settles, (and we) dream of our soil.

Jeg lagde mig saa silde

Norwegian Folktune

I laid me down to rest, and the hour it was late,
I nothing knew of pain or sorrow;
Then word to me came from my sweet-heart so dear,
To hasten to her ere the morrow —
I have no one ever lov’d so dearly.

(Translation taken from “The Sons of Norway Song Book”)

Jubilate, Amen

Halfdan Kjerulf

Hark! the vesper hymn is stealing
o’er the waters soft and clear;
nearer yet and nearer pealing
and now bursts upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!
Farther now, now farther stealing
soft it fades upon the ear:
Jubilate amen!

Now like moonlight waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along;
now like angry surges meeting
breaks the mingled tide of song:
Jubilate amen!
Hush! again, like waves retreating
to the shore, it dies along:
Jubilate amen!

Jul, Jul, Strålande Jul


Tore w. Aas

1.  Nå er den hellige time [Now is the holy hour.]
Vi står i stjerne skinn [We are in starlight]
Og hører klokkene kime [And hear the bells chime.]
Nå ringes julen inn. [Now Christmas is being rung in.]

      Englene synger høyt i kor  [The angels sing loudly in chorus]
Synger om fred på vår jord  [Sing about peace on our earth]
Verden var aldri helt forlatt  [The world was never completely abandoned]
En stjerne skinner i natt.  [A star shines tonight.]

2.  En nyfødt kjærlighet sover  [A newborn love sleeps]
Nå er Guds himmel nær [Now God’s heaven is near.]
Vår lange vanding er over  [Our long walk is over;]
Stjernen har stanset her.  [The star has stopped here.]


3.  Se himmlen ligger og hviler  [Watch the sky rest]
På jordens gule strå  [On the yellow straw of the earth.]
Vi står rundt krybben og smiler  [We stand around the crib and smile]
For vi er fremme nå  [For we are guests now.]
Her kan vi drømme om den fred,  [Here we can dream of peace]
som vi skal eie en gang  [That we should own once,]
for dette barn har himmlen med  [For this child has filled heaven]
og jorden fylles med sang.  [And earth with song.]

(Translation thanks to Roger Buhr and Don Berg)


Edvard Grieg

1. Oh, it was Olaf Trygvason, sailing o’er the North Sea grim,
Up to his youthful royal kingdom, never expecting him.
At first sight, halting motion: “What is this kind of wall a thwart the ocean?”

2. Oh, it was Olaf Trygvason, quiet forbidding was the land;
All of his youthful kingly longings seemed by the mountains banned.
Then came a skald* perceiving whitened towers and spires, the sky piercing.

3. Oh it was Olaf Trygvason, then it seemed that he should go
To grayed and ancient temple bastions, white with a crown of snow.
Sorely he then kept longing, with his youthful faith to stand where belonging.

4. Open the land was; spring was here rumbling from its waterfalls.
Storm clouds and sea din rolled around them. Rustling, the forest calls.
Organs, with bells enhancing, Olaf looked about
Himself entrancing. Himself entrancing.

5. (King Olaf’s prayer) Baritone solo
“Our foundation here is grounded, temple-pillars bar out Hades.
Spirit trembles, heart is swelling; just the greatest here is honored!
May my faith match my foundation, mount to Jokel’s elevation.
Be my soul at nature’s apex filled by Him who all created!”

6. Olaf’s prayer we all submit to, now and always all commit to,
“Spirit trembles, heart is swelling; just the greatest here is honored!
May my faith match my foundation, mount to Jokel’s elevation.
Be my soul, at nature’s apex, filled by Him who all created!
Filled by Him! Filled by Him!

*any ancient Scandinavian poet, specifically one of the Viking period.

Landkjending / Landsighting (A Condensed Translation)

Edvard Grieg

Olaf Trygvason went forth across the North Sea
U p toward his new kingdom which did not await him.
As he catches the first sight of land
“What is this wall rising out of the sea?”

And there was Olaf Trygvason
The land appeared quite closed. All of his kingly dreams
Seemed dashed against the cliff
Until a poet spied white domes and spires in the sky.

And Olaf Trygvason thought
He suddenly saw graying old temple walls with white snow arches.
In his youthful faith, he longed sorely to stand inside.

The land opened; spring was alive.
With the rush of waterfalls, storms, and the ocean’s roar around them.
Strange was the hum of the forest
Organ and bells could be heard.
The king looked around; the king was moved.

Here is the foundation,
The temple arch defies hell.
The spirit trembles, the heart is full.
Here only the greatest is acclaimed!
Would that my faith were as strong as the foundation
Rising to nature’s greatest height
Filled by Him who unites.

We all join in Olaf’s prayer. Now as then and always
The spirit trembles, the heart is full.
Here only the greatest is acclaimed!
Would that my faith were as strong as the foundation
Rising pure as the glacier’s dome.
The spirit rising to nature’s greatest height,
Filled by Him who unites. Filled by Him!

Lilla Stina

Little Stina
C. P. Wahlin

Stina, here you have me. Come, we shall dance a polka.
I still love you! Let us not (stand and) be tardy.
Alas, may I (so enjoyably) become yours?

Yes, I feel you are mine. Let all stop (their running),
We still dance round about; Skip, (just) skip, love’s skip.
Don’t worry yourself about anything.

Little Stina, feel my torment! Little Pelle, we are happy.
Come and see, Who shall advise (him) We are both happy.

Lys ved aftentid

S. Anker-Gol

Dearest Savior, follow me,
With Your Light eternally,
When the night falls, O Lord, give light,
Light, light at eventide.

When my youthful strength is gone,
When my battle now is won.
Then my prayer is: O Lord give: light,
Light, light at eventide.

When I stand before the throne,
There in everlasting Spring,
Bursts forth then my song of praise: light,
Light, light in Paradise. AMEN

(Translated by Emil Martinson)


Midsommer Dance
Maurice Sommerfelt

(There is an English paraphrase of this song.  A more literal translation is provided here by Donald Berg.)

I den lange, klare, skjonne sommernatt,
During the long, clear, beautiful summer night
mens skumringen sig senker over skog og kratt,
while the twilight settles over woods and bushes,
vil vi danse under stjernehimlens glans,
we will dance beneath (the) brilliance of the starry sky
mens spillemannen spiller opp en lystig dans.
while the fiddler plays a lively dance.

Rundt jeg svinger mig med min ven;
Round I swing with my friend;
lett vi svever over grønsvaeret hen,
lightly we float away over the greensward/turf;
om vi traller en munter sang
when we sing a cheerful song
ek koet svarer i fra skog og vang.
the echo replies from the woods and meadow.

Over traer fjernt og naer månen drysser
Over trees distant and near,
ned sitt bleke sølverskjaer.
the moon sheds it pale silver gleam.
Ved Sankt Hans uten stans
on St. Han’s (Day) without stopping,
du og jeg vil tra vår sommerdans.
you and I will step (out) our summer dance.

Vi med dans påvang og med spillog sang
With dancing on the meadow and with playing and singing
vil feire sommernattten lang.
we will celebrate the long summer night.

Mit Fagre Hjem

My Beautiful Home
A. P. Berggren

My beautiful home, where the blue wave has hummed the tempo for my cradle;
Mermaids, that loom up out of the Deep, Spring-fresh crown of small islands,
Where it is so cozy to build nests, Where it is so bare of flowers to walk on
As on your motherly soil.

And the mountain’s sons are really a tiny bit closer to heaven,
But the eye sees the teeming stars from (the) plains as readily as from (the) mountains.
Our mountains are heaven-clouded, and our heights are only midgets.
But each and every one has fought in secret (to save).

Morgensang af Elverskud

Niels W. Gade

In the east, the sun rises; it spreads yellow on the clouds.
(It) goes over the sea and the mountain top,
goes over the countryside and the city.
It comes from the beautiful coast, where Paradise lay.
It bring light and life; It brings life and delight to great and small,
to great and small.
And with God’s Sun there goes out from the east a Heavenly ray on the earth;
A glimpse from Paradise Coast, where the Apple of Life grows.


Norwegian Folksong,
Arr. Frederick Wick

Far in the distance by mountains of blue, there lies a place I hold dear.
There in my thoughts and my dreams I will go; always you seem to be near.
Nid River, peaceful and lovely you are, here where I go a dreaming.
Dreaming of him who was dear to my heart; now is it only memories.
The old town bridge is our portal of bliss; together we sail under the stars’ corral.
Nid River, still and beautiful you are, here where I go and dream.

Norge, mit Norge

Alfred Paulsen

Norway, my Norway, securely asleep,
In winter’s bright halls now reposing.
Your dreams are so pleasant, your slumber so sweet,
When rivers and streamlets are closing,
And no one can rest so serenely in peace.
When songs birds are silent, And even the trees,
In wint’ry garments in wint’ry garments are dozing.

Norway, my Norway! Let springtime appear
With sunshine and warmth for the meadows;
But hear me, oh, hear me: when evening draws near
With coolness and lengthening shadows.
Oh Norway! Then teach me to wither and die,
And grant in your hallowed ground I may lie,
When summer and life are departing.

(Translation by O.T. Arneson)

Norges Fjelde

Halfdan Kjerulf

Norway’s oldest Forts and boldest
Are its mountains high
Dismal death there burrows
Deep in rocky furrows.
Beacons shining, Tops defining,
Day and night espy.
And no fighting He is sighting
Put the gun away.
You who went bear hunting
Deck your hut with bunting
Valiant hunstman
Lift your cup to Hills and Liberty.

(English by Torgeir Edland)

Per Spellmann

Norwegian Folktune
arr. Trond Dahlen

Per Fiddler, he had but the one only cow,
He traded his cow for a fiddle right now,
“My good, old, tuneful violin, my violin, my violin!”

Per Fiddler then on with his fidd’ling he kept
The boys kept on dancing, the girls they just wept
“My good, old, tuneful violin, my violin, my violin!”

And if I get as old as the moss on the tree
No swapping of fiddle and cattle for me
“My good, old tuneful violin, my violin, my violin!”

(Translation from the “Sons of Norway Song Book”)


The princess looked forth from her maiden bower.
The Lur of a herd-boy rang up from below.
“Oh, cease from thy playing and haunt me no more,
nor fetter my fancy that freely would soar,
when the sun goes down.”

The princess looked forth from her maiden bower
but mute was the Lur that had called from below.
“Oh, why art thou silent? Beguile me once more.
Give wings to my fancy that freely would soar,
when the sun goes down.”

The princess looked forth from her maiden bower.
The call of the Lur rose again from below.
She wept in the twilight and bitterly sighed,
“What is it I long for? God help me!” she cried
and the sun went down.

Sigurd Jorsalfar

Edvard Grieg

Solo: The Norwegian people will travel, they will bring power to others!
The battle’s sword casts a reflection. The people’s labor increases the glory.
When we came from the Jorsal parade, all the song’s beacon lights were lit
and our youth stood around the fire and it illuminated far on the land.

I. Norrønafolket (The Norwegian People of the Viking Period)
 The Norwegian people will travel; they will bring power to others!
The battle’s sword casts a reflection. The people’s labor increases the glory.
The people’s work increases the glory.

II. Kongekvadet (The King Ballad)
Hail to thee, heirs of Harald’s tribe, hail to thee, bold brothers of the king,
one with the beautiful advantage of peace, one with the victor’s crown of battle.
Norway’s past, Norway’s future are joined in the handshake of the two.
Hail to thee, bold brothers of the king. Hail to thee! Hail to thee! Hail to thee! Hail!

Solo: From noble deeds that are not revived (kept alive)
rust is brought on the will of the people;
the glory must be eternally young, the glory must be eternally young.
Only in struggle is it brought forth (born).

Therefore, on dragon-wings again the Norwegian heroes go over the ocean,
over the doubt, toward the great goals (greatness) in the distance.

Siste Reis

The Sailor’s Last Voyage
Eyvind Alnes, Text by Henrik Wergeland

This voyage is the last for me, Sing,sailor, oh!
Next port of call shall heaven be, Sing, sailor, oh!
The last bell soon the air will rend, Sing, sailor, oh!
My compass I must closely tend, Sing, sailor, oh!
Like gold and diamonds all around, Sing, sailor, oh!
The heaven sea with isles abound, Sing, sailor, oh!
They are the stars so small and clear, Sing, sailor, oh!
At which, as night-watch you would peer, Sing, sailor, oh!
Take courage then and risk defy, Sing, sailor, oh!
While sailing up thru azure sky, Sing, sailor, oh!
Fear not the Devil’s fierce corsairs, Sing, sailor, oh!
No danger of his wily snares, Sing, sailor, oh!
You’ll meet your wife you’ll meet your friends, Sing, sailor, oh!
Your children you will meet again, Sing, sailor, oh!
then there will be much greater glee, Sing, sailor, oh!
Than here when you came home from sea, Sing, sailor, oh!

Sønner av Norge

Sons of Norway
Christian Blom
The Previous National Anthem of Norway

1. Sons of Norway, the ancient kingdom, sing to the harps the festive sounds!
Manly and full of solemnity let the music rise!
Our song consecrates the ancestral land.
Memories of ancestors gloriously come back every time we mention our ancestral roots.
Hearts swelling with pride and glowing cheeks hail the beloved, the sacred name.

2. Ancient past, you disappeared but your holy flame blazes still in the Northman’s heart.
One is by family and by power the same. One stands for freedom and the memory of its fame.
And whenever he chants Norway’s glory, his heart swells with pride and desire.
Even the most lovely places of the South are nothing to him in contrast with Norway’s snow covered coast.

Stå opp, Guds menighet

Stand up, God’s People

Deanna Wehrspann (for the 2016 Sangerfest)
J.O. Wallin (Swedish,1819)
M.B. Landstad (Norwegian, 1856)
D Wehrspann (English, 2015)

Stand up, God’s people, with delight!  Let sound of trumpets now excite!
Give God in heav’n all honor!  Break out and sing, O Jesus’ bride:
God does my spirit joy provide,  My soul is God’s extoler.
See, all my grief is worn away,  The Lord has done great things today,
God’s might I know lasts ever.  God gives a fatherly embrace,
His law and name the world encase  Until our last endeavor.



Sjöberg-Balogh, E.G Geijer
English text by Helen Kaminski
Choral Transciption by Alberto Bimboni

Dark are the sorrows that come by night,
Dreams seek for music to bring release.
Day dawns with sorrow, with sorrow that dims its light.
Day seeks for music, for song bringing peace.

Song brings a promise of sweet content.
Hope brightens the sad heart while tones ring with mirth.
Song brings a vision, a vision that’s heaven sent.
Love sings in rapture as life thrills the earth.

Ut mot havet

Out to the Sea
Edvard Fliflet Braein

She stands there on shore, now lifts her hand,
and waves and smiles as I go out.
And my boat sails along the beach,
and she stands alone with sadness and longing.

I know that I have longings in my heart
but the boat pulls me away, so I must leave.
For now that I head toward rocks and islets
my thoughts are of home and the one I love.

I sure can have my sad moments
in loneliness here on an endless sea,
but the days go by, yes they are like a miracle,
when my wandering thoughts go to my dear.

If the days are gray and the nights are black,
I am here and humming a song in my heart,
to her at home my thoughts are drawn
to the one who smiles the day I return.

(translated by David Judisch and Kari Grønningsæter)

Vackra sky

Beautiful Cloud

Beautiful cloud, which processes across the wide blue (sky),
Where shall you, I ask, where shall you get peace and rest?
Beautiful cloud, which processes across the wide blue (sky).
Where? Where? Where shall you find peace and rest?

Beautiful mirage of the air, shall you entirely perish?
Shall nothing of our beauty remain?
Beautiful mirage, shall nothing, nothing, nothing of your beauty remain?
Beautiful cloud, beautiful cloud.

Ved Rondane

Memories of Childhood
Edvard Grieg, Arr. Ed Kramer

Once more the crags and dales of childhood greeting,
I see them as I saw them long ago.
The same cool wind upon my brow is beating,
The golden sun still shines upon the snow.
A tender voice within me keeps repeating,
Such happy memories that I pensive grow.
My heart with sweetest childhood fancies filling,
I scarce can breathe, its raptures are so thrilling.

Vi er sangere

Finn Skottner/Reidar Rinnar

1. Vi er sangere av hele hjerte, hjerte sjel og liv og sinn,  [We are singers of whole heart, heart, soul and mind;]
hver av oss er enkle dele  [each of us a separate part]
Som et mannskor fatter inn. [which makes up a men’s chorus.]
Sangen er vårt samlings merke  [Singing is our symbol of unity]
og vi hever det mot sky,  [and we raise it towards the sky.]
sangen er for oss så kjaer.  [Singing is for us so precious.]
Sangen er vår venn vår styrke  [Singing is our friend, our  strength.]
aere sangen er vårt ry.  [Singing is our fame (or reputation).]

3. Tro i året vil vi sammen  [Faithfully this year we will rehearse together.]
øve enig samler vil vi stå,  [We will stand gathered in harmony.]
må let vinker, vi vil prøve  [The goal beckons; we will try to attain]
fagre sangermål å nå.  [(our) goals of beautiful singing.]
får vi lønen  [For the effort we get the reward]
i den glede sangen gir,  [in the joy the singing gives.]
Fremad da ja freidig glad.  [Forward (or onward) then, yes full boldly glad.]
Vi vil samles, vi vil ta på  [We will be gathered, we will take in]
sangervis friskt er kjekt hurra!  [singers’ fashion vigorously (or lustily) a hearty, “Hurrah!”]

(Translation by Donald Berg)

Vi Vil Os Et Land

We Want a Nation for Ourselves

We want for ourselves a nation that is saved and free,
(we) must not take its freedom for granted.
We want for ourselves a nation that is mine and yours,
and this our nation is called Norway.
And if we do not have this land yet,
then we shall win it, you and I.
We want for ourselves a nation that is mine and yours,
and this our nation is called Norway.

(Per Sivle wrote this in 1894 as a battle-poem for the campaign by the
Venstre party for the universal right to vote. Sinding composed the music
and it was first performed in 1897 in Christiania. It was much used during
the years leading up to the dissolution of the Union with Sweden in 1905.)

Vila vid denna källa

Rest by This Spring
Carl Bellman

Rest by this spring! Our little breakfast prepare: red wine with burnet (salad?)
and a recently shot snipe.
Klink, what bottles, Ulla, in our overly full baskets, emptied, roll in the grass
and feel how well the steam evaporates!
Your midday wine we shall pour out of the pitcher with a cheerful expression.
Rest by this spring. Hear the sound of our French horn, cousin!
The sound of the French horn, cousin!