There is a festive parade going throughout the country
(A free translation by Don Berg)

1. There is a festive parade going throughout the country!
In city and valley, by mountains and fjords.
We wave the flag proudly for Norway,
with cries of hurrah from south to north.
We are marching and we are singing songs in red, white, and blue.
We feel the rhythm of freedom in the body, filled with joy for our country.

2. That great day we will celebrate.
Now the melody of thanks is heard,
which soars rhythmically up from the people,
From us who desire a democracy.

3. Seventeenth of May.  Now spring rejoices!
The nation decorates itself for the fest.
Walk together!  Cherish forth the values so that all may prosper.
Then we have it best.

4. There is a festive parade through time
where generations have set down deep roots.
By their own choice, they gave us a future.
See, our roots sprout and grow.