Sture Odd Woldoen & Alf Wold

Out there stands a fiery-red flame wheel,
Flames on the ocean toward land.
It teems with birds from their hiding places in the cliffs,
And beneath, the ocean keeps moving alongside the shore.
It sighs in their wings; now they sink slowly;
Behold, the birds on the cliff like snow.
Midnight Sun, Midnight Sun. The bird-mountain sleeps,
A vision. Midnight Sun.

Here I will bow my knee before the Lord,
And thank Him for eternal light.
And if I were like a bird, I would fly away from the place,
Out over the intensely golden ocean
Toward the reddening sun, which ascends again from it,
In the space filled by God’s peace.
Midnight Sun. Midnight Sun.

(Translation by Donald Berg)