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Officers of NSAA
NSAA State Vice-Presidents
Veteran Chorus Officers


"Sanger Hilsen"
("Singers' Greeting")
Published bi-monthly, by the Norwegian Singers Association of America

Incorporated under the state laws of South Dakota as an Educational Society.

Address all matters for publication subscriptions, renewals, change of address, and make remittances payable to: "Sanger-Hilsen" Office:

407 Leif Erikson Drive
Decorah, IA 52101-1038
Subscription $20.00 per year
Donald Berg
Editor-Business Manager

§ Sanger-Hilsen online -- not available

The Sanger-Hilsen is no longer available online.   It is only available in paper format.  Selected information will be published on this site periodically.

§ Announcing: The new NSAA website

Beginning in April, 2005, NSAA has a website for all members to use.

In order to move into the "digital age," the officers of NSAA have authorized development of a website to help with the sharing of schedules and information normally only found in the Sanger-Hilsen.

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