Out to the Sea
Edvard Fliflet Braein

She stands there on shore, now lifts her hand,
and waves and smiles as I go out.
And my boat sails along the beach,
and she stands alone with sadness and longing.

I know that I have longings in my heart
but the boat pulls me away, so I must leave.
For now that I head toward rocks and islets
my thoughts are of home and the one I love.

I sure can have my sad moments
in loneliness here on an endless sea,
but the days go by, yes they are like a miracle,
when my wandering thoughts go to my dear.

If the days are gray and the nights are black,
I am here and humming a song in my heart,
to her at home my thoughts are drawn
to the one who smiles the day I return.

(translated by David Judisch and Kari Grønningsæter)